Official iTunes release announcement for the new album!


Anthems For Underdogs, by Ben Wise

'Anthems For Underdogs' is now available for purchase on Bandcamp! All the outstanding, supportive souls that pre-ordered will get an email with link to download the rest of the album. Everyone else should pop over, have a listen and grab a copy! It starts at the agreeable price of $8, but you can opt to pay more and help me achieve my goal of pressing vinyl in a few months.

Information on release via iTunes and other digital retailers will be available soon, but for now Bandcamp is the only way to get it.


'Anthems For Underdogs' is available for pre-order!

Friends and fans, I’m thrilled to announce the Bandcamp is not only live - and embedded right here on the site - but also accepting pre-orders! There are two tracks you can check out, and you will also receive immediate download of them upon placing your pre-order.The full release date is a few weeks away on 8/25, and you’ll get the remaining 9 tracks the moment that happens.

For 11 songs, it’s a steal at $8, but you can also set your own price above that and help me get a little closer to paying for vinyl pressing down the line. I’m holding off on releasing to every other digital retailer and going exclusively through Bandcamp for a bit so the price can be flexible and third parties aren’t stealing money from me. They’ll get their chance later. If money’s tight, I wanna help you a tiny bit; if money’s aplenty, I want to give you the chance to support an unsupported, truly independent artist that tiny bit more. I’ve certainly done it and it feels good.

It’s been a long, interesting road getting this one wrapped up, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result or more excited for your ears. Rock and roll!


Artwork: DONE.

The fantastic Kevin McShane is hard at work on the design for the album. While I’m still pondering how the hell I can come up with the funds to press vinyl, I want this album released this summer; so it shall be. Official release date coming soon!


Album mastering: DONE.

I could not be more excited to declare this to you. It’s been a long, at times difficult process, but I spent a lovely day at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, CA and Jason Mariani did a fantastic job giving the proper shine to the 11 songs. Now it’s time to get some artwork in swing. Release details in the not-too-distant future.



My friend - and a very talented writer - Matt Debenham recently invited me to be on his What Are You Reading? podcast. Not only was it my first such venture, but we discuss rock & roll biographies as that constitutes 90% of my reading. Listen and enjoy!

Also, my much-delayed second album Anthems For Underdogs is FINALLY entering the mixing stage! Very excited for these songs to be heard; expect details soon.


New site!

Welcome to the new, more streamlined site. After months of hard work, the next full-length album should be ready soon. Stay tuned for updates!


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